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Nov. 15, 2005

Projects in Process

The garden catalog PLOW AND HEARTH is currently in Ocala shooting a ten day production at Golden Ocala and along Ft. King and the historic district; Ocala Film has been working with Maureen Fannon from Miami on this project for two months; Golden Ocala was first location and the Greiner home on 5th Street was shot Tuesday, November 15, 2005 and they will be shooting at the McCoy home, the Nelson home at Jumbolair, the Maxwell home, possibly the Futch home over the next week; Ocala Star Banner will cover;

“Florida Roadtrip” in Ocala scheduled for November 17, 2005 showcasing theOcala and in particular the equestrian aspects of the community;

Projects Completed

Ford Commercial – Oasis Films filmed on Live Oak Stud Farm – see photos attached, Ocala Star Banner covered;

Breitling Swiss Watch – still shoots and video of advertising campaign with John Travolta at Jumbolair; Jordy Klein was a member of the crew;

Architectural Digest Magazine – two separate shoots at Jumbolair of Travolta home with specific mention of Ocala;

RV Magazine “Roughing It Smoothly” on Silverleaf Farm, with accompanying article on the County – see photos

Shell Oil Corporation – Launch Productions filed in downtown Ocala – see photos and letter to the Governor’s Office regarding Ocala Film Commission; Production company shot in four different locations for a calendar for 2006 – Producer said Ocala/Marion County has three photographs in the calendar (yet to be released);

Celestine Prophecy – Due to be released in April of 2005 – trailer of movie available through google – see photos attached from production;

IMAX project doubling for Louisana at Silver Springs;

Discovery Channel - TV series – “Walking with Dinasours” filmed on Silver River

TV Pilot – “Repo Girls” filmed in Ocala regarding two female vehicle repossors; If picked up, series will be based here;

Mark Lunsford – OPRAH SHOW – The Ocala Film Commission was instrumental in facilitating Jessica Marie Lunsford’s story to be told on a segment of the Oprah Show taped on August 30, 2005 regarding absconded pedophiles; Through the connections of Howard Butler and Steve Maye – Mark appeared with Steve Grohne; Oprah was presented with the Ocala/Marion County WAY OF LIFE book as a gift from our community by Jude Hagin who attended the filming of the segment; Mark Gelman and Theo Johns from the Jacksonville law firm of Eraclides, Johns, Hall, Gelman, Eikner and Johannessen, represent Mark Lunsford and attended the taping. No photos available (cell phones and cameras were confiscated;

Projects Pending

HOUND DOG – Film being produced by Deborah Kampmeir; scouted extensively for this feature which stars Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright Penn, David Morse and Delroy Lindo; Met with Producer in New York and currently working with Ocala hoteliers and Howard Butler of Ossi Butler and Mark Gelman of Eraclides Johns from Jacksonville to bring this feature to be filmed entirely in Ocala. Line Producer Terry Leonard is currently scheduled to scout in Marion County the week of November 21st, 2005;

Coke Commercial for Silver Springs; Has been rescheduled – date uncertain;

Lunsford Documentary – plans are underway to do a documentary regarding Jessica Marie Lunsford and Mark Lunsford through local financiers to be submitted to Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals; Producer Sydell Albert and
Armand Mastrianni are potentially involved;



The Ocala Film Commission is currently working on two new websites with Net Source;

Ocala Film Commission

Quarterly Meetings

The Ocala Film Commission meets quarterly at the Ocala Hilton, most recently on October 7th, 2005 and hosted the new State Film Commissioner, Paul Sirmons, as guest speaker. Eighty five (85) people attended to hear Paul’s vision for the future;

Film Florida

Quarterly meetings of Film Florida are held around the State of Florida and the Ocala Film Commission attends all meetings and participates on the Film Commission Council. Labor unions, film commissions, State Film Commission, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, FMPTA and industry professionals are members of Film Florida. Their next meeting is December 12-14, 2006 in Orlando at the Portifino Hotel.


The Film Commission will be applying for two grants in December from the Tourism Development Council – one for printed material and the other for a locations video to be used at trade shows and for marketing;


Film Commissioner is on the Board of the Ocala Aquatics/Ocala Marlins;

Film Commissioner is on the Board of the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation;

Trade Shows/Missions

May 2005 – Attended Locations Trade Show in Santa Monica, California; scheduled meetings with producers and with the William Morris Agency;

September 2005 – Attended IFP – Independent Film Producers NY Sales Mission and Trade Show; Scheduled meetings with Armand Mastrianni, Deborah Kampmeir among others;

OPRAH SHOW – August 30th, 2005 – film commissioner accompanied Mark Lunsford for taping of The Oprah Show;


The Film Commission would like to schedule a joint City and County workshop orsymposium for early 2006 to strategically plan the future of the Film Commission of Real Florida, Inc. Meetings with Howard Butler in both Ocala (with Pete Tesch of the EDC) and Jacksonville present future opportunities for the North Central Florida region; Mr. Butler has agreed to participate in the workshop/symposium;

The Film Commission is currently working with Mark Gelman of Eraclides, Johns, Hall, Gelman, Eikner and Johannessen, to restructure their By-Laws to be more inclusive of the community and North Central Florida region and to restructure the film commission board;

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